Practice Areas

Over the years, our Team has actively involved in enormous issues of legal cases, not only litigation in courts but also out of court settlements, mediations, and other manners, we assisting and representing from individual to corporate needs.

  • Corporate & Commercial
    RPR’s services in this area include corporate establishment, both by foreign direct investment and domestic investment. This encompasses timeline preparation, funding management, recruitment of staff and subject matter experts.
  • Employment and Industrial Relations
    We settle disputes between companies and their employees effectively without disruptions to client’s business activities, from bipartite, tripartite and industrial relations court.
  • Property
    Our extensive experience in the field of property becomes our foundation in building this law firm. We support our clients in land acquisitions and sale, joint operation related to the land, agreement development, including but not limited to conditional sale and purchase agreement.
  • Hotel
    We are experienced in providing integrated legal services to domestic investors while negotiating and transacting with a national and international hotel chain. We also provide supporting services to the business, such as hotel management consultant, tax consultant and public notary services.
  • Apartment (Residential and Mixed-use)
    We have been instrumental in the development of multiple high-rise buildings (apartment and office building) in Jakarta. We provide counsel and legal opinion, land acquisition, permit, reservation letter, conditional sale and purchase agreement, establishment of Owners Association and its registration, including dispute settlement in relation to apartment transactions both in and out of court.
  • Criminal Law
  • Intellectual Property (IP)
    The firm provides a wide range of services, including but not limited to local and international patent, trade mark, and copyright application lodging, settlement of dispute and any other necessary legal action in order to maintain and exercise the client right.
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
    Oftentimes, we resolve our client’s legal issues outside of court. This involves accompaniment and/or representing clients in upholding their legal rights including but not limited to business dispute, loans, negotiation, mediation and arbitration.
  • Debt Restructuring and Bankruptcy
    Prior to court, we provide a comprehensive legal opinion including the potential risks. In debt restructuring and bankruptcy, we represent claimant or defendant in court, creditor or debtor in meetings, act as an administrator in debt restricting process or receiver in bankruptcy.
  • Debt Collection
    Our services in this area includes providing legal opinion and risks related to loans issues, serving subpoena, represent and/or accompany clients in all meetings and agreement development.
  • Suspension of Debt Payment
    RPR serves our Clients in handling cases of the Suspension of Debt Payment Obligation and Bankruptcy with a trusted excellency. We defend our Clients in claiming their lawful rights from nonsubstantial proceedings of bankruptcy state in Commercial Court as well in Supreme Court. We are also focusing our foremost reputation by being certified as appointed Administrators, Receivers and Curators for both the Suspension of Debt Payment Obligation and Bankruptcy.
  • Mining
    We also have practitioners to provide advice and maintenance of all regulations for operational matters in the Mining industry (Metal, Coal, Rock) in Indonesia. Experience in carrying out mining activities ranging from Acquisition of Mining Companies, Land Acquisition, External Relations with residents around the mining site, Exploration Activities to Production, Sales - Purchase of mining products supported by adequate Port Licensing infrastructure supported by strong relations with the government in the management of IUP and etc.